We have moved to operating with Hugo.

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We have recently switched the operation of this site from Wordpress to a static site generator "Hugo".

The situation had been almost neglected for the past several years, but I felt that it was not a good idea to leave it as it was in many respects, so I decided to take the plunge.
There are several reasons for this, but I would like to list the main benefits that I expect.

My expected benefits from switching to "Hugo"

Eliminates security concerns

The security aspect was inevitably a cause for concern, as the site had been left unattended.
There are problems in many aspects, such as lack of updates and accumulation of spam comments.

The change to Hugo will make the content static, which is much less risky than before.

On the other hand, we had to cut out the dynamic parts such as the comments section, which we concluded was unnecessary in the first place. We have a contact form SNS, so if you have any questions, please use that.

Organizing Unnecessary Articles

This one is not so much a benefit that you can expect from the changeover, but rather that you will be forced to do it by the changeover, and you will be able to organize as a result....

Articles that are not in demand or whose information is too old will be deleted to improve ventilation.
We also had to check and organize the content of the articles we keep.

This time, we used the WordPress to Hugo Exporter to perform the migration, but it was not a process of exporting and completing it as is!


In the first place, it was not possible to download the file with a timeout error, and even if it was executed on the server side, there was an error.... I thought, "I'll have to check it out..." But then I found a file in the "/tmp" directory.
(Files are over 1 gigabyte)

I'm also sorting out unnecessary tags and links, and finally organizing everything manually.

However, I have not been able to get into all the details, so there may be many strange things.

Reduce the burden of writing itself

I have been using Wordpress for a long time, and it seems that I have been stressed about writing articles on Wordpress.

The server on which I have installed Wordpress is not of good specs, so the administration screen is heavy to begin with.

I think Wordpress is very convenient.
However, I felt that the administration screen was too heavy and I didn't want to open it anymore.

I thought I could just write in another editor and paste it in, but even that seemed to be getting tiresome.

I'm going to write in Hugo using markdown format with my favorite editor.
This is not to say that I will be able to write more because it will be easier. I am not saying that it will be easy to write, but I think it will be easier to write.

However, as it becomes easier to write, I will have to worry about managing content files, deploying methods, and other issues.
We have not yet decided on a policy in this area....

For now, we are using the method of uploading the generated files to the server as is.
I thought about committing to Github and deploying to CloudFlarePage, but I'm still thinking about it.


In the end, I decided to deploy to CloudFlare Pages while maintaining version control on Github.

I was under the impression that I would not be able to use GoogleDomains mail forwarding because I had to switch the name server to Cloudflera.
However, I was told that I could use it as it is by adding MX records.

I should have done my research from the beginning.


I want to write what I want to write impulsively.

It seems easy, but it is difficult.